Vleck wijnen

Vleck wijnen is a wine importer with an outlet in Amsterdam. Our wines come directly from wine farmers in France to our premises in Amsterdam's Oud-West district.

Vleck wijnen works primarily with farmers who make what they call vin naturel. By this they mean the production of wine with minimal intervention in the natural vinification process.

This philosophy begins in the vineyard. The farmers do not use insecticides and artificial fertilizer, allowing the production of wine with indigenous yeasts from the vineyard and the cellar. A natural balance in the vineyard brings about such extremely healthy grapes that it is unnecessary to add sulphites as a preservative.

Unsulphured or sulphur-poor makes for better tasting wines, that's our philosophy.

Every wine we sell bears the stamp of the vineyard and the maker. We believe that this special production method yields wines that are incomparably more delicious and exciting than the average ready-to-drink wine consumers have unfortunately become accustomed to.

Visit our store and let us surprise you!

We work with the following producers, from North to South more or less:

pierre paul zink, château cambon, marcel lapierre, yvon metras, christophe pacalet, julien altaber, domaine bersan, domaine de la cadette, arnaud combier, claude marechal, montanet-thoden, philippe valette, domaine pattes loup, domaine marc henriet, jacques lassaigne, philippe bornard, domaine belluard, domaine de morin-langaran, clos fantine, marquis des mûres, le mas de mon père, catherine et pierre breton, domaine de montrieux, noëlla morantin, domaine mandard, domaine du moulin/villemade, les roches-lenoir, les capriades/potaire, les cailloux du paradis, les vins contes/lemasson, domaine de la pépière, franz saumon, domaine des sablonnettes, la sénéchalière, chateau bas, domaine les terres promises, domaine bénetière, matthieu dumarcher, vignerons d'estezargues, moulin frères, domaine de rapatel, dom. romaneaux-destezet, dom. romaneaux-destezet, la roche buissière, domaine les vigneaux, le bout du monde/lafitte, le casot des mailloles/castex, domaine des chênes, bruno duchène, le scarabee, causse marines, domaine du pech, château le jonc blanc, bera vittorio & figli, cascina degli ulivi, vigneti di ca' d'gal, iuli, campi nuovi, anna martens, casa coste piane, saó del coster, escoda samahuja, bodega puelles, the wine love, cheers!

For detailed information à la Vleck please see column on the left where producers are shown by region.

Vleck wijnen
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